Fire Brigades Union General Secretary Matt Wrack has responded to the 25 per cent budget cuts made in the Comprehensive Spending Review. He said: "This government seems intent on imposing cuts that will wreak havoc within the Fire and Rescue Service and short-change both the public and firefighters."These pernicious cuts must be fought to defend public safety. They are not inevitable, but politically driven. The FBU will oppose these draconian attacks on an essential frontline service, and robustly defend the key role firefighters play in keeping communities safe.
"We cannot just meekly roll over and accept this. Neither should the employers. Firefighters are professionals - and we won't stand by and see our service dismantled piecemeal."
As well as the financial implications of Chancellor George Osborne's statement to the House of Commons on Wednesday, the FBU has also commented on its possible organisational impact. In a statement, they quote his assertion that over the coming years services will be able to "limit budget reduction in return for substantial operational reform." Matt Wrack commented: "This is pitting one fire and rescue service against another as resources dwindle, rewarding those who drive down pay and conditions and penalising the rest more. It is bullying and divisive."

Posted October 22 2010