FIRE Bulletin 01

As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, FIRE Editor Andrew Lynch outlines the key elements required to transform our approach in his white paper, Coronavirus: A Five-Step Reset for Fire and Emergency Leaders.

It proposes leaders work towards establishing a clearly defined approach for addressing the five steps outlined in the white paper within their organisations, while also adopting a cross-sector, cross-disciplinary mindset. This calls for a total reset to recondition our way of thinking towards protecting society.

Five-Step Reset
  1. Resetting the Ecosystem
  2. Resetting Fire and Rescue
  3. Resetting Dynamic Leaders
  4. Resetting Resilient Communities
  5. Resetting Connected Communities

FIRE’s Security Correspondent Dr Dave Sloggett looks at what the longer-term impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic might be for the emergency services in his article Beyond Coronavirus: Towards a new Flexible Fire and Rescue Service.


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