Date posted: 13.10.10 

The Chief Fire Officers Association welcomes the publication of guidance by the HSE aimed at reducing the risk of fires in timber framed buildings under construction. 

"Good management of fire safety and security on timber frame building sites is key in reducing fire risk", said Peter Holland, President of the Chief Fire Officers' Association. "We welcome the HSE publication FireSafety in Construction (HSG168) which recognises some of the concerns CFOA has expressed around recent significant fires involving large timber framed buildings under construction." 

CFOA reiterates the call for managers of building sites to be extra vigilant as most construction site fires are started deliberately by arsonists. "Security arrangements on construction sites, particularly timber frame sites, must be robust to reduce the risk of fires being deliberately started", said Chief Fire Officer Peter Holland.   

Following major fires in Peckham, Camberwell and Basingstoke, CFOA has been calling for further action with regard to such construction both in terms of security and building regulations. Large timber framed buildings under construction pose a significant risk to firefighters, construction workers and members of the public.  

Peter Holland, CFOA President, said: 'We welcome the revised guidance issued by the HSE which aims to support those with legal responsibilities under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM), and includes additional basic precautions for higher risk sites such as those involving timber frame construction.