FIRE team’s global reach

As FIRE magazine enters a new era of extensive UK-wide coverage capturing every aspect of personnel development, Editor Andrew Lynch introduces our award-winning line-up of public sector specialists and journalists

Political Editor Catherine Levin

Catherine has worked with the fire sector since 2003. She writes extensively about the Fire and Rescue Service and has been a regular contributor to FIRE magazine since 2013.

Catherine also works with fire and rescue services providing advice and insight on how to best communicate technical matters in a clear and accessible way.

Prior to her freelance career, Catherine worked for London Fire Brigade as Deputy Head of Community Safety. She joined the Brigade after ten years in the civil service where she specialised in fire policy and legislation.

As Political Editor, Catherine focuses on fire policy and strategy.

Senior Correspondent Tony Prosser

Tony served 30 years in the Fire and Rescue Service in Wales, Thames Valley and West Midlands Fire Service including 23 years in tactical and strategic command roles. In recent times, Tony introduced the University of Wolverhampton Fire and Rescue Degrees programmes in 2010 and is a course leader. He is also a joint director of Artemis Training and Development Limited which specialises in FRS incident command training in the UK.

Tony has co-authored Fire and Incident Command: A practitioner’s guide and The Grenfell Tower Fire: Benign neglect and the road to an avoidable tragedy.

Tony is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and is FIRE’s longest serving active correspondent, having contributed since 2003.

Health & Fitness Correspondent Lorna King

Lorna King is a freelance writer with a particular interest in health, fitness and wellbeing. She is a qualified run leader for her local running and triathlon club, working closely with qualified coaches to deliver a variety of running and fitness sessions including interval training and circuits. Lorna enjoys friendly competition and has entered numerable races of varying distance, from 5k to ultra-marathon.

Security Correspondent Dr Dave Sloggett

Dr Dave Sloggett is well-known throughout the UK Fire and Rescue Service for his contributions to FIRE magazine, keynote speeches at national and international conferences on security and terrorism and contributions to international fora on terrorism. His training events have been delivered at brigade level across the UK Fire and Rescue Service.

In September 2020, Dr Sloggett completed 50 years of working in support of the public sector in the defence and security sectors.

Technology Correspondent Andrew Chilvers

Andrew started his career on the Middle East Economic Digest at Emap during the first Gulf War. He later worked at the Financial Times and for Daily Mail Group as Night Duty Editor at Teletext.

He also worked abroad for many years in Hong Kong on the South China Morning Post and in Vietnam as an editor and foreign correspondent for Australian Consolidated Press. Back in Europe he joined the Warsaw Business Journal as Managing Editor, also overseeing its sister publications in Prague and Budapest.

On his return to the UK, Andrew was Editorial Director at former FIRE magazine owner Pavilion Publishing where he first worked with the FIRE team.

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