FIRE reports on the civil disturbances which have occurred around the UK, following riots in London on Saturday night



Fire crews were called to a number of incidents in the St Ann's area of the city between midnight and 2am.

In total, Nottingham Fire and Rescue responded to five blazes, including one at the St Ann's police station after a car was damaged by fire - but no action was required.

Other fires in Luther Close, Kelham Green and Roden Street required more attention, but a spokesperson confirmed that they were all "minor" disturbances.



Appliances were called to 10 fires involving rubbish or vehicles in and around the St Paul's area of the city, Avon Fire and Rescue has confirmed.

There were no reports of injuries to fire crews or members of the public.



Two women had to be rescued by ladder from a house in the Wavertree area of the city, after smoke from burning cars filled their house, Merseyside Fire and Rescue confirmed.

The incident was one of a number of disturbances that crews were called to, which included fires to wheelie bins and cars.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens said: "It's very sad to see this type of behaviour in Liverpool and putting the lives of the public and our fire crews in danger.

"Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service will be in the community today just to reassure people that we will be attending any incidents where lives and property is at risk and offering safety advice."


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