The past weekend saw the re-launch of the Fire Kills fire safety campaign, with radio adverts signalling the beginning of a new approach and an increased focus on partnership and the 'Big Society'. The 'Don't drown in toxic smoke' radio campaign is timed to play at weekends when it is considered that people are more likely to be at home to tackle household tasks, with the advertising pitched at local radio stations. According to Communities and Local Government, another aspect of Fire Kills is the asking of communities, authorities, businesses, and the fire safety industry to find new and innovative ways of spreading the message.

Fire Minister Bob Neill said: "Every death through accidental house fire is a tragedy that could be easily avoided in the modern world. Checking your smoke alarm is a simple, lifesaving step, and it's a simple message to pass on. I urge everyone to get involved with the Fire Kills campaign and help spread the word."

The Government's Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser Sir Ken Knight said: "Even with nine out of ten of England's households owning a smoke alarm it's still vital to check it works. Just two to three breaths of toxic smoke could render you unconscious, and you have less than two minutes to escape a fire before you can't breathe.

"The Big Society will have a huge role to play in spreading the fire safety message alongside the Fire Kills adverts. Everyone from individuals to big business has the potential for innovative new ideas to reinforce the work of the Fire and Rescue Service and advertising, helping to transform the Fire Kills campaign into a national movement."


Posted November 29 2010