Over 22,000 new subscribers have signed up for FIRE magazine as part of the bespoke ‘FIRE for All’ campaign for fire and rescue services. Why wouldn’t you?


  • All fire and rescue personnel in Wales join the whole of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in having access to award-winning FIRE magazine
  • Majority of UK fire and rescue personnel now have access to FIRE magazine to help with their personal development
  • Extensive UK-wide coverage as services across the British Isles sign up to the print/digital bundle offer launched during the first Covid-19 lockdown


The three Welsh fire and rescue services have joined the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in signing up to the ‘FIRE for All’ subscription offer which means every member of staff now has access to FIRE magazine. The bundle offer of print and digital copies has been developed to ensure everyone in the Fire and Rescue Service can have access to the magazine to support their personnel development.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer John Roberts says: “We recently took the decision to give new subscriptions to FIRE magazine for all West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue sites. We know from research amongst colleagues that they like to take time to keep up to date with the latest innovations in the Fire Service, to see what’s going on outside our county and perhaps get inspiration for enhancements to our own service. We feel it’s important that all our staff, whatever their role, have the chance to develop their knowledge and stay better connected with the sector through news and features on people, projects, kit, equipment and best practices.”

Developing knowledge is a key element of Fire Knowledge’s mission (the company which owns the magazine). Fire Knowledge Director Andy Fry says: “FIRE magazine has consistently kept its readers abreast of current affairs and leading professional practice, as well as challenging current thinking, exploring new ideas and, in doing so, helping to shape the direction of the sector. In short, FIRE doesn’t just report on the fire and rescue agenda; it helps set it.

“The ‘FIRE for All’ bundle offer has opened a window to the FIRE world for over 22,000 additional subscribers and, in doing so, created a new opportunity for 22,000 fire professionals to increase their knowledge and develop their professional practice.”


 “FIRE doesn’t just report on the fire and rescue agenda; it helps set it.”

Fire Knowledge Director Andy Fry


Andy’s remarks are echoed by CFO Mark Hardingham, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, and the next Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council. He says: “The personal development for our staff, and the organisational benefits that brings, have never been more important as the UK Fire and Rescue Service looks to the challenges and opportunities of the next ten years.

FIRE provides a fantastic way to share what is happening in the Fire and Rescue Service beyond Suffolk. Every member of our service, regardless of their role, is now able to access a hard copy or digital version of FIRE. I want Suffolk colleagues to use the wide variety of Fire Service articles to help them grow and develop in their current and future roles.”

FIRE Editor and Publisher Andrew Lynch says: “I am pleased that all fire and rescue personnel in Wales will join every member of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in having access to the magazine. It shows that we now have extensive UK-wide coverage which bodes well for sharing best practice as we highlight the excellent work fire personnel undertake across the whole of the UK.

“We believe that as the UK Fire Service’s only fully subscribed publication [1], the bundle subscription approach gives great value as a personal development tool for all personnel.

“Don’t just take my word for it. A chief officer told me recently that he quite rightly always asks, ‘why should we subscribe to something, what value does it bring? With the ‘FIRE for All’ offer, instead he asked, ‘why wouldn’t you?’

“I think that’s a brilliant question!”


To find out more about the ‘FIRE for All’ subscription package for fire and rescue services, contact Editor & Publisher Andrew Lynch at andrew.lynch@fireknowledge.co.uk or Subscriptions at beverley.rees@fireknowledge.co.uk.


[1] FIRE magazine is only available through subscription to a print or digital edition and has no free circulation.