A new Plimsoll report into the fire protection industry has claimed over 150 companies are "risking their long-term sustainability in order to increase sales".

While the report into the top 1,000 fire protection does show an overall rise in sales, it suggests that one in seven are "in danger of spiralling out of control and are heading for rocky ground if they continue with their current business model".

Author David Pattison said: "Of course it's exciting to see these companies increase their market share and invigorate the market, but if their financial health continues to decline then all these extra sales will count for nothing.

"In a market that displays modest growth, it's evident that these businesses are impacting on the rest. Of the other 848 companies analysed in the report, under a half have seen their sales dramatically decline.

Due to the 152 companies surging ahead, the others in the industry are facing the consequences."                                                                                           

The new Plimsoll Analysis, updated for 2012, summarises the strengths and weaknesses of the main fire protection businesses, as well as informing directors about acquisition prospects.

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Posted 27/09/2012 by richard.hook@pavpub.com