Fire safety is back on the menu for fast food outlets as one of the top ingredients for Business Safety Week (7–13 September) across Cleveland.

Cleveland Fire Brigade is targeting those with sleeping accommodation above the premises after a series of recent Prohibition Notices. Businesses are also being reminded about checking general fire safety after Covid-19 changes to the way many do business, such as one-way systems and social distancing.

Currently ten out of the 21 active Prohibition Notices within the Cleveland Fire Brigade area have been served to restrict sleeping above commercial premises.

During Business Safety Week, extra Fire Safety Audits will be carried out at various outlets to ensure they are safe.

Joe Flounders, Head of Fire Engineering, said: “Fast food outlets, restaurants and other commercial premises with people sleeping above should be extremely vigilant as far as fire safety is concerned. We will work with those responsible where possible, and take appropriate action where necessary.”

We offer virtual business fire safety drop-in sessions every Friday morning. Businesses can log-on and speak directly to a fire safety expert and get advice and support to comply with their legal obligations. There will also be the chance to give a video tour of your premises to pinpoint any danger areas. To book a slot email:

It’s also important to consider the threat of deliberate fires, particularly as 85% of fire calls in Cleveland are to deliberate fires and figures show that 86% of businesses that have a fire simply never recover and literally go out of business. We have a range of advice and guidance on reducing the risk of deliberate fires including minimising potential fuel sources and improving security.

All business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure people on the premises are safe. This means secure escape routes, unblocked exits, identifying hazards and training staff what to do in the event of an emergency.

It is a legal requirement to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment to ensure your premises are safe. Failure to comply with this and carry out any necessary improvements to reduce the risk of fire and keep people safe could result in Fire Rescue Services closing the business.