The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order is driving up demand for site surveys, as facilities managers faced with replacing or refurbishing fire doorsets are unsure how to respond to the findings of the now mandatory Fire Risk Assessment.

Chiltern International Fire (CIF) Deputy Technical Manager Mark Cummings explained: "Building operators and managers are acutely aware of the need to ensure that the fire doors in the building are fit for purpose, but may not have the skills to maintain or repair them.

"A site survey will identify the fire doors in the building, check their condition and, where they have been damaged or abused, and if it is practical to do so, advise on solutions to bring them back up to their original performance level. CIF can also use coring methods to ascertain the likely construction of the door.

"Demand for site surveys is growing especially from schools, hospitals and housing associations," Mr Cummings told FIRE. "Findings vary, but typical problems arise from poor installation, through wear and tear or lack of a maintenance regime, such as broken intumescent seals or hardware. Double doors may no longer be aligned, or gaps may have developed between door and frame, falling short of what is acceptable with respect to providing the protection required by the Building Regulations."

An independent site survey can save money in the long term, he says. "Some doors may have to be replaced, others restored to their original specification. However, we can provide assistance to help those responsible to identify the problems and decide how best to address them."


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