Fire chairThe Fire Service College has been awarded full JOIFF (Joint Oil and Industry Fire Forum) accreditation, as a JOIFF accredited Training Provider, having complied with the three pillars which form the basis of JOIFF accreditation: Establishment, Instruction and Course.

Kevin Keeler, Head of Specialist Operational Training, Fire Service Colleg,e said: "JOIFF training is regarded as Best Industry Practice and is based on the highest International current levels of knowledge and competence in the sectors dealing with the high hazardous materials and processes in which JOIFF Members operate. 

"At the College, we pride ourselves on the level of excellence we can provide; the extensive incident ground facilities at the disposal of learners, combined with the expert knowledge of our instructors and tutors."

To qualify for JOIFF accreditation, courses and programmes have to be robust, challenging and relevant to the potential accidents/incidents on and off the site to which the emergency responder may be required to respond within their Site Emergency Response Plan. Content should be accurate within itself and accurate to the context of the emergency responder.

JOIFF Accredited Training includes training courses and programmes specifically developed for the sectors in which JOIFF members operate, the location and facilities where the training will take place and the instructors who will present and assess the training. JOIFF training is competency based and is therefore increasingly site specific, building on core emergency response team competencies. Key to all JOIFF accredited training and personal development of emergency responders is an accredited system of assessment and verification to ensure competence which should be demonstrated on an on-going basis. All successful participants in JOIFF accredited training courses / programmes receive JOIFF accredited certificates of competence. 

Courses that have recently been JOIFF accredited are:

  • Breathing Apparatus Wearer - initial and refresher
  • Breathing Apparatus Instructor – initial and refresher
  • Pipeline Emergency Response Organisation
These are in addition to our existing portfolio of JOIFF accredited courses:
  • Fire Team Member – initial and refresher
  • Fire Team Leader - initial and refresher
  • JOIFF accredited practical firefighting courses 
  • Site specific courses (subject to proposed timetable submission for JOIFF accreditation)

Courses can be site specific  and specially developed between the College and clients and can also be generic, for instance,  BA Wearer and BA instructor. Before any course can be promoted as JOIFF accredited, the programme must be agreed between the College and JOIFF.