The government has announced a large-scale cull of quangos, axing 192 public bodies including the Audit Commission and Firebuy. One hundred and eighteen quangos will instead be merged, according to the government, to improve transparency and cut costs.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude said that the main reason for the move was to improve accountability and devolve power local authorities. The remaining quangos will be more transparent in future, and top salaries will be revealed. Firebuy is going to be abolished by Spring 2011.

CFOA President, Peter Holland responded to the news, saying that fire and rescue services should make best use of the current procurement framework.

Peter Holland and Terry Brewer said: "As evidence of continuing commitment we are - with CLG's approval - pressing on with the renewal of the pumping appliances framework, initially up to Christmas 2012. We expect the new framework will be in place by November and available before Christmas 2010 for use. 

We would urge you therefore to continue to use the frameworks and thereby support the suppliers who have put in a lot of commitment to be on them so that continuity and benefits to the Fire and Rescue Service can be maintained long-term. Once the longer term future of the framework agreements has been established, then CLG will be issuing further communications."

Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Brian Coleman said: "This is a very sensible outcome for the Fire and Rescue Service. We never bought anything using Firebuy in London, and fire authorities must be free to independently manage procurement of services and equipment."