Former retained firefighter turned electrician Mr Christopher Morris was fined £11,000 including costs for failing to maintain a fire alarm system.  

The findings in this case have highlighted the need for both users and specifiers to have adequate information about the competence of providers of fire protection services. Choosing a third party company that is certificated by a UKAS accredited certification will demonstrate that the company has competencies and quality management systems in place to meet the requirements of the British Standard - BAFE scheme SP203-1 provides this. The schemes administered by BAFE, would have ensured that as a member, Morris could demonstrate that he or his staff were trained and that their quality of work was up to standard. It would also have meant that a certification body assessor would have regularly assessed their competencies and may have attended the site to inspect the quality of work. Third party certification can ensure that specifiers gain these assurances about their providers and that registered companies can demonstrate their competences.

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Date posted: 12.01.11