Scotland's Chief Statistician has published Fire and Rescue Services statistics, covering workforce equality and diversity, attacks on personnel at incidents and information on non-domestic fire safety for Scotland. One of the key findings was that although attacks on fire personnel are decreasing, the number of firefighters injured is increasing.

Other key findings of the statistics are:



• On the 31st March 2011, the headcount of fire and rescue services staff in Scotland was 9,024, of which 14 per cent are female.

• For Scotland's fire and rescue services 42% of staff were aged between 40 and 49 years old, the next largest group are aged between 30 and 39 years old at 29%.

• Of Scotland's fire and rescue services, 0.6% of staff are recorded as belonging to a minority ethnic group and 0.7% of staff have a disability.


Attacks on Fire and Rescue Personnel

• The provisional figures for 2010-11 recorded 229 incidents where attacks occurred, this was a decrease of 73 incidents (24%) from 2009-10. However, the number of personnel injured in 2010-11 increased by 7 to a total of 20.


Non - Domestic Fire Safety

• In 2010-11, Scotland's fire and rescue services completed 9,817 fire safety audits. This represents 6% of known non-domestic premises in Scotland and took 50,239 hours.

• Of the 9,817 fire safety audits that were completed in 2010-11, 78%were found to have reached compliant standards after the initial inspection.

• There were 77 enforcement notices, 16 prohibition notices and 5 alterations notices issued in 2010-11 by Scotland's fire and rescue services.

Further information on fire statistics within Scotland can be accessed at: 


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