Surrey firefighters recently saved the life of a woman, after she was crushed under the wheel of her car while de-icing its windscreen.
Five officers lifted the Vauxhall Corsa with their bare hands, before one of them helped to resuscitate the 61-year-old whose heart had stopped while she was trapped for 14 minutes.
The woman was trying to de-ice her car by running the engine and scraping the windscreen, when the vehicle began to roll forward. She was subsequently trapped between her bonnet and the back of a parked car, crushing her. She then fell down and under the wheel, where her heart stopped.
Kay Hammond, Surrey County Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: "I cannot praise these firefighters highly enough. Their extraordinary efforts saved a life that had already gone."
A senior Surrey fire officer said: "Nowadays it is more common for us to be called to road accidents than fires, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours. These heroic firefighters' efforts to save this lady's life underline the need to adapt to these changes to continue to keep Surrey safe."


Posted 22 December 2010