Firefighters conducted a successful rescue after a mother phoned 999 to say she was trapped with her sons inside her blazing home.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Control received the emergency 999 call, just before 0330 on February 16, from a resident of Snapebrook Grove in Wilmslow after she was woken by her smoke alarm.

Control operator Jackie Lloyd received the call and immediately realised that a person was trapped with her children. She knew that it was vital to keepthe womancalm until the fire crews arrived, but also knew she had to gather as much information as possible about the families location and condition, so that the fire crews would be able to rescue them quickly and safely.

Jackie, who has only been a control operator for a few weeks, gave vital fire survival advice to the occupiers during the call. She asked that the family close the bedroom door and stay near the open window and wait for the firefighters to arrive.

Three fire engines from Wilmslow, Poynton and Cheadle attended the scene and four firefighters wearing breathing equipment entered the smoke filled property to lead the mother to safety. Her sons were rescued from the bedroom window by firefighters using a ladder. The family's pet dog was also rescued unhurt from the kitchen by firefighters.

Keith Brooks, Emergency Response manager, said: "This was an excellent rescue and shows the professionalism and commitment of both our control room operators and firefighters.

"Safety staff fitted smoke alarms at this property in 2008, which did their job by alerting this family giving them time to call 999.

"I have no doubt that the calm professionalism of the control operator, the quick response of the firefighters and the fact that they had had a Home Safety Assessment certainly saved the life of this family."

All three occupants suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital via ambulance. The woman also received a cut to her hand.

The cause of this fire is under investigation, but is being treated as suspicious.

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Date posted: 17.02.11