Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) volunteers have been helping firefighters rescue animals from homes affected by the explosion in Shaw.

A handful of dogs, several cats and kittens, some rabbits, three hamsters and a terrapin are among the animals rescued by Post Incident teams (PIT) since the blast last Tuesday.

Homes in the surrounding area have been searched by the PIT teams as well as firefighters to ensure all pets were returned to their owners; however many buildings were still deemed unsafe.

The Salvation Army is supporting the rescue and clean-up task, providing both food and water for the crews, volunteers and rescued animals.

Emma Fawcett, owner of Alfie a two-year-old chocolate Labrador, said: "It's been devastating. Knowing Alfie was alone in the house was heartbreaking. I think it's amazing what the fire service and the volunteers have been doing this afternoon.

"Everyone has been so nice and it's a huge relief knowing Alfie is safe."

As pets were found, police and firefighters worked round the clock to reunite them with their evacuated families and, for one cat who was suffering from a heart condition, get them the medical attention they needed.

Area Manager Dave Keelan, Head of GMFRS' Prevention Services, commented: "We're pleased our volunteers and firefighters have been able to bring some comfort to the residents of Shaw during this difficult time by reuniting them with their pets."

cute dog 1 Above: Alfie reunited

cute dog 2Below: firefighters rescuing cats 


 rescue 2  

Posted 28/06/2012 by Matilda Blackwell