London Fire Brigade pulled off one of their most unusual rescues this week when they were called out to prevent the Golden Hinde from flooding in Southwark. 

A replica of the legendary maritime vessel that Sir Francis Drake used to navigate the globe sprung a leak during restoration works ahead of its use in the Summer's Jubilee celebrations.

Station Manager Simon Tuhill said: "We were well aware of the historical significance of the Golden Hinde so firefighters worked incredibly hard water to pump water away from her in order to keep her safe".

"We were also aware that the ship will play an important role in the Queen's Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames, which made the work even more vital."

With the removed rigging and mast lying in the docks and high-tide due two hours after the alarm was raised, firefighters had to rush to pump out water which had reached two metres high to ensure the ship could set sail one more time.

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