Down's girl Life skills and safety tips were on the curriculum at a series of workshops run for adults with learning disabilities.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have put on the bespoke classes for three groups during the past year at Southsea Fire Station.

The programme was led by Kevin Taylor and Lee Campbell, from the Portsmouth Community Inclusion Group, who worked closely with the Beneficial Foundation to meet the varying needs of those involved.

The course covered kitchen safety, electrical safety and first aid and was set up with the aim of helping people enter the workforce. In total 23 people were each given four two hour-sessions at the fire station and some extra help in their own surroundings.

On Friday last week those who took part were presented with certificates for their achievement. Firefighter Taylor said: “This was about empowering people and helping them build up their confidence.

“The group were really engaged and there was definitely a social benefit to this, and it was great for us to engage with the community.”

This was the first programme of its kind and the team said they are already working with the charity to arrange another intake.