From 12 noon on Friday 8 April, staff from AF&RS will be taking to treadmills and static bikes to cover the 1133-mile distance over 48 hours. Positioned at the heart of Cabot Circus, participants will run and cycle through the night to achieve their goal.

Temporary Crew Manager Philip Morse knows all too well how this war has affected communities in Ukraine. He said, “I have family in Ukraine, I am currently doing everything within my power to bring my father-in-law to the UK but the rest of my family and friends will remain there. They, along with everybody else, are going without basic supplies and infrastructure. I will be running as far as my legs will take me.”

Tens of staff are expected to get involved, with funds raised going towards:

  • Providing food, first aid, clean water, shelter support, warm clothing, hygiene parcels and medicines
  • Supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Supporting fire fighters and civil protection units
  • Training people up in life-saving first aid
  • Helping families stay in contact with each other
  • Educating people on the risks of explosives
  • Repairing vital infrastructure
  • Helping to repair homes, healthcare centres, schools and community centres


How can you help?

AF&RS are asking for donations to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal in support of the event, and you can donate via JustGiving. Donations will also be accepted over the course of the event if you visit us at Cabot Circus.

If you would like to donate in support of this event, please follow the link.