A charity ladder climbing marathon that involved a team of ten scaling the equivalent of Mount Everest four and a half times over, has earned firefighters a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

In aid of the Firefighters Charity, the challenge involved a carefully selected team of ten firefighters from Kent, Norfolk and London. Taking it in turns, and with Army physical training officers monitoring them, they repeatedly scaled a 10-metre ladder before descending via a firefighters' pole. In total, over eight hours, they climbed a staggering 41,572 metres, with a target of 35,392. The firefighters raised more than £1,000 for charity.

LadderBGThe team's achievements will be challenged at a later date by firefighters in Sydney. Official adjudicators were present on the day to oversee the event.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service Firefighter Michael Pitney, from Ashford Fire Station, organised the event. He said: "This ladder attempt was a really tough mountain to climb, but we had fantastic support from the people of Ashford which kept us going throughout what was a really gruelling eight hours. Everyone climbed themselves ragged and, despite the fact that at some points we found the going really tough, morale remained high."

He added: "All in all we had a tough but fantastic day and I am extremely grateful to our colleagues from London Fire Brigade and Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service for their commitment to this exhausting but very worthwhile cause."