Britannia 180Britannia Fire has announced the first exports of its fire extinguisher will be delivered to Germany in a ground-breaking 10-year contract worth more than £5m in its first three years.

The company will ship the first 1700 units to Frankfurt next week with plans to send out 30,000 a year.

Its Norfolk factory, where 32 people are employed, has been busy producing and packing the extinguishers made from Kevlar, used for bullet-proof vests, for Britannia Fire’s first German agent, fire safety company Prymos.

The company will showcase the “100% Norfolk made” extinguisher at Germany’s biggest fire fighting, disaster relief, rescue and safety exhibition, InterSchultz in Hannover in June, which attracted 123,000 visitors and 1300 companies from more than 50 countries at its last show.

Britannia Fire’s general manager Andy Spence said: “Prymos is well-respected in the industry and has a good relationship with many fire brigades in Germany. We have been negotiating since last February and are delighted to be moving into a new market. To be showcased at InterSchultz is big news for us too.”

The national safety award-winning P50 - with a polyethylene outer casing instead of traditional metal – had been awarded the Dresden approval for safety to allow it to be sold in Germany, he said.

The P50 won the the health and safety performance award and was runner up in the innovation category of the APEA (Association of Petroleum and Explosives Administration) Awards last November, selected for transforming the fire extinguisher industry with the first non-metal high performance extinguisher with an outstanding safety record. Judges praised it for bringing new technology to an industry dominated by metal and steel.

The P50 has also attracted the backing of the Government’s former chief fire and rescue adviser Sir Ken Knight, who recently visited the factory to watch production.

Commenting on the extinguisher, Sir Ken said: “The inclusion of an innovative use of modern materials in this product provides the opportunity for a reduction in onerous maintenance regimes for such equipment resulting in significant savings to both the public and private sectors,” he said.

"I was especially pleased to note that all of the P50 benefits are embodied in a British manufactured product."