The flooding in Bournemouth has highlighted the dangers of cuts to fire and rescue services, claims the FBU's General Secretary Matt Wrack.

"This emergency required 100 firefighters and 20 fire engines," said Matt Wrack. "If the proposed cuts had taken place, we could not have mobilised enough firefighters or fire engines, and they would have taken longer to get there because of fire station closures."

Mr Wrack also called for a clear duty to be placed on the Fire and Rescue Service to plan for major flood incidents. "This would show the case for proper planning, training and equipment, and for the additional resources the service needs to undertake this role," he said.

"Our members have once again done a magnificent job. Bournemouth received a fortnight's worth of rain in just half an hour. Our members rescued members of the public from a collapsing wall and from cars floating down streets.

"Every time there is flooding, firefighters have to go out and improvise so as to protect the public. Each time, we repeat our call for national planning, so that next time it will not come as a surprise, and we will have enough firefighters and the proper equipment and planning.

"During the election, David Cameron promised our members they would have the people and the resources to do the job. I call on him now to honour that promise."


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