ArsonA new community group to support serving and out of service emergency service and military personnel has been established to serve members across Cornwall and Devon.

Positive Focus UK aims to provide free photography workshops for personnel who are living with mental health issues as a result of their operational service experiences.

Beneficiaries need no prior knowledge of photography, as the workshops will start with the basics to be able to create great images and then go out on field trips to put it all into practice. 

Workshops will visit outside venues to create stunning wildlife, landscape, seascape, nautical and portrait photographs.  Beneficiaries will even be provided with photographic equipment free of charge to use on the workshop days.

Not only is there the opportunity to learn the basics but there are also workshops on digital image enhancement, printing and picture framing, culminating in a free exhibition to display images created for friends and family to see.

Founder and CEO of Positive Focus UK, Glen Gorman, was diagnosed with PTSD in 2003 as a result of his fire service experiences and he found photography a welcomed distraction for the intrusive and unwanted thoughts that he was experiencing.

“I found that immersing myself in my hobby helped me to ignore the sights that my eyes had seen but mind couldn’t forget, it helped enormously”.

The first workshop is planned to start on 23rd April and numbers will be limited to three beneficiaries to maximize contact time and reduce the overwhelming feeling that can sometimes be felt in larger groups.

Workshops are totally free as they are funded by community grants and public donations and details of how the workshops can help you and how you can help the workshops can be found on the website