wmfs1Protecting frontline operations and keeping 2.7 million West Midlands people safe lie at the heart of a new, three-year plan for West Midlands Fire Service.

Members of the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority approve ‘The Plan 2013-16’ at their meeting today [15 Apr], as well as a set of targets which will guide the service’s work in 2013/14.

High-quality, cost-effective Service
In the foreword to ‘The Plan’, the Authority’s Chair and the region’s Chief Fire Officer write of their determination to maintain West Midlands Fire Service’s reputation for delivering a high-quality, cost-effective service.

Cllr John Edwards and CFO Vij Randeniya say the West Midlands’ 38 community fire stations will underpin expansions in education, prevention and protection work.

They write: "The tried and tested ‘fire engine’ continues to be the primary vehicle to attend our highest risk incidents, and a minimum of one will continue to operate from all of our stations."

Compact, responsive and motivated team
"Our service delivery will be enabled by a compact, responsive and motivated team of support staff providing essential, high-quality support services. We will seek further efficiencies by exploring opportunities for shared services with other public sector providers," the duo concluded.

The 22-page document describes how, in spite of a reduction of nearly £21m in Government grants over the past four years, WMFRA and WMFS remain committed to delivering an effective and efficient service, and the highest standards of emergency response.

Posted 15/05/2013 by richard.hook@pavpub.com