cfoaFire and Rescue Services across the country have been praised for their work in the recent floods that have seen what CFOA are calling "arguably the largest deployment of service resources since the war".
CFOA President Paul Fuller commended the work of teams who were deployed to areas in the South West and the South East on a recent visit to the area.

"The valiant efforts of fire crews in Devon, Somerset, and in services across the country, who have been working tirelessly to help those affected by flooding should be recognised and applauded. In the face of exceptionally poor weather conditions, they have provided invaluable assistance to people whose lives and livelihood are under threat," he said.

"Looking to the future, we believe that the government needs to put structures in place so that the local Fire and Rescue Service acts as the lead agency for the co-ordination of rescue operations during the emergency phase of the response to flooding incidents."

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Thirteen rescue teams and numerous fire appliances were sent out in the last few weeks to support 25 pumps, which were moving 7 tones of water per minute away from flood stricken areas.

Working alongside CFOA, the National Resilience Assurance Team has managed the strategic task of deploying staff to the various flood operations.

With yet more bad weather on its way the emergency services are preparing to continue its flood operation for the forseeable future.

Dan Stephens, Chair of the CFOA National Resilience Board, added: "Given the extensive use of high volume pumps in the Devon and Somerset area, the Thames Valley and the Home Counties, as well as Wheal Jane Mine, cover moves are in place from the National Resilience Capability to ensure this provision can be maintained."

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