Electrical safety firstOlder people who need help living safely in their own homes will benefit from Electrical Safety First’s latest round of Home Safety Awards after the charity provided £60,000 to care organisations throughout the UK.

In conjunction with the charity’s Fire Safety Awards, almost £1.5 million has now been provided to electrical safety initiatives over the last five years.

“Our report, A Shock to the System: Electrical Safety in an Ageing Society, found that older adults are often disproportionately at risk from electrical hazards”, said Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First.

“And in households of couples over 60, almost two thirds live in accommodation which fails basic electrical safety standards - including missing such lifesaving items as a modern fusebox, residual current device, circuit breakers and PVC wiring.

“Care and Repair agencies address the concern that some older homeowners decide to enter residential or sheltered accommodation because their homes are in such a poor state of repair. Ensuring electrical safety in the home is essential
to helping more older people live independently and with dignity in their own homes, for as long as they wish.”

In addition to providing funding for essential, minor electrical work which supports safety and well-being, Electrical Safety First funding is also designed to help in emergency situations, such as undertaking repairs which might aid a return home from – or prevent prolonged admission to – a hospital.

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