cornwallhouseA new three storey complex has been fully fitted with sprinklers, thanks to a unique collaboration between Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service and Ocean Housing.

The £4.9m Prince Charles House complex contains 31 flats and has been priased as "an exemplar supported housing scheme for older people", receiving the Age Restricted Development award at The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2012.

CFRS and Ocean Housing have developed a close working relationship with the retro fitting of sprinklers following fires in some of their other building stock.

As part of this ongoing dialogue Group Manager Maurice Roberts asked for a meeting to discuss the benefits of fitting sprinklers in this modern Eco development. A Fire Engineered Strategy was agreed between the Fire and Rescue Service, clients, architects, designers, developers, and building control. The main areas of relaxation for the compensatory features of sprinklers were a reduction of the fire resistance of the walls between the flats and corridors, removing the need for fire rated shutters at 1st and 2nd floors, removal of the lobbies to each flat that now provides an entrance hall open to the kitchen, lounge and dinning room and removal of one of the mid corridor screens at 1st and 2nd floor. In addition, some minor deviations from the Approved Document were also agreed with the designers.

GM Roberts said the service was "delighted to get involved at the planning stage of this development especially due to the age range of the residents being within the services top priority vulnerable group in relation to fire deaths". The sprinklers will also improve property protection, business continuity, environmental protection and firefighter safety.

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