SPP Pumps 180SPP Pumps has undergone testing with a German fire station in Wedel, showing how it can improve efficiency and performance with two Autoprime Q-Series pumps - designed to keep tenders supplied with water, regardless of the amount needed.

At present, in order to maintain water supply to hoses beyond the capacity of the tender, and out of range of the nearest water course, firefighters must improvise with large containers or small handheld pumps, neither fix offering a particularly reliable solution.

With the introduction of an SPP Q-Series pump, the high pressure flow is maintained and even large blazes dealt with in the most effective and speedy manner. The volume of water that can be pumped in an hour is dependent on how far the pump is situated from the water source, but a rough guide is one 50 metre swimming pool every three hours.

Of course, as well as fire fighting, fire rescue teams are expected to deal with flooding and again the SPP Pump can facilitate fast evacuation of surplus water, enabling teams to work faster and safer.

Duncan Jackson, who is Business Manager for SPP Pumps’ Dewatering Division and responsible for the Wedel project, said: "Our pumps provide the ideal solution to aid fire rescue crews.

"The Q-Series is mobile, durable and economical to run. Additionally, the total life cost compares very favourably with other pumps on the market, thanks to its low maintenance requirement and exceptional reliability. Our team has a wealth of knowledge to draw on which means we can advise on the most suitable solution wherever the pump needs to be operational."