gothic house Avon FRSCrews from Avon Fire & Rescue Service teamed up with the National Trust to take part in an exercise at the Tyntesfield House stately home.

The exercise, which was run in real time, saw crews facing a fire on the upper floors of the property with synthetic smoke filling the building. Four people were reported missing and antiques inside the premises needed to be salvaged.

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Watch Manager Martin Pratt said: “The exercise gave us first-hand experience of dealing with a historically important building. We had to work alongside National Trust staff to ensure all the valuables were removed from the premises at the same time as dealing with the fire and trying to prevent it from spreading further.
“The National Trust staff have a comprehensive fire and salvage plan which was tested in the event they may need us for real. We are very grateful to the National Trust for allowing us the opportunity to use their property in such a realistic manner, and we are fortunate that due to the success of the exercise, we have a series of further exercises taking place on a three-monthly rolling programme.”