The latest national statistics on fires, casualties, false alarms and non-fire incidents attended by fire and rescue services in England has been released by the Department for Communities and Local Government through the UK Statistics Authority.
The fire statistics are from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.


Fatal and non-fatal casualties 

In 2011-12 there were 304 fire fatalities, 27 fewer than in 2010-11.

Accidental dwelling fires fatalities, which account for three fifths of all fire fatalities, were down by 26 from 213 in 2010-11 to 187 in 2011-12.

There were 4,277 non-fatal fire casualties (excluding first aid cases and where only a precautionary check was recommended). This was two per cent lower than in 2010-11.



In England, Fire and Rescue Services attended 223,000 fires, two per cent lower than in 2010-11.

Dwelling fires were four per cent lower at 35,000, and fires in other buildings were down by two per cent to 20,000. Road vehicle fires fell by 14 per cent to 24,000.

Attendances at fire false alarms decreased by nine per cent to 249,000. More than two thirds of these were due to apparatus, while four per cent were malicious false alarms.

Fire and rescue services attended 133,000 non-fire incidents in 2011-12, down nine per cent from 2010-11. The most common categories of non-fire incidents were: road traffic collisions (21 per cent), effecting entry (11 per cent), lift releases (11 per cent), flooding (nine per cent) and medical incidents (nine per cent).


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