The government has been accused of complacency amidst the snow disruption, which is costing £1.2 billion a day. The House of Commons held an urgent session to discuss the air, rail and road disruptions in the wake of the snowfall. Boris Johnson has come under pressure to take personal charge and responsibility for the transport chaos.


Boris Johnson has faced questions as to why he was in Zurich supporting England's 2018 World Cup bid, instead of being in London at a time where people were forced to sleep on trains, and widespread transport disruption was ensuing. In response, a spokesman for the Mayor claimed that he could do no more in London than he could in Zurich, other than shovel snow himself.


Philip Hammond, Transport Secretary said that lessons could be learnt from the recent disruption, and a report would be compiled before Christmas. The snowfall which is reported to be the heaviest since 1965 has overwhelmed local authorities. Trains have come to a standstill, leaving stranded passengers sleeping in carriages and ghost trains being deployed in an urgent attempt to keep lines open. Airports throughout the UK have suffered severe disruptions, with Heathrow cancelling 200 flights.


Date posted: 6.12.10