Technology company DisplayNote has worked with Greater Manchester Combined Authority to deploy the DisplayNote Launcher one-tap app launching software across 47 meeting and training rooms.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is a government organisation in the UK. The team at GMCA is responsible for ensuring frontline firefighters, and their support staff have all the necessary tools to carry out their roles, i.e., responding to incidents and keeping citizens safe.

Launcher was installed on interactive touch displays across GMCA's 47 community rooms. As Launcher works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex and more, the organisation has the ability to take calls across multiple platforms.



Using Launcher, the staff benefit from:

  • Easy remote communication between teams
  • One-touch access to their most frequently used apps and tools
  • Full video-conferencing interoperability

Launcher has also provided a standardised, familiar experience for users in every location. This has reduced the set-up time for meetings and training sessions and improved communication between teams.

Mark Scoales, Digital Services Manager at GMCA, comments on the benefits the organisation has experienced:

“Having a screen that looks exactly the same in every station has made a massive improvement. We don’t have any issues with users not knowing how to use it. Launcher has made a significant difference in how we deliver training. We’re getting the full return on the investment of our equipment.”

Those interested in DisplayNote Launcher can book a personalised demo at


About DisplayNote: Founded in 2012, DisplayNotes creates connected experiences for the world’s presenters, educators, and learners. Launcher is used by brands across the world, including Etsy, Domestic and General, EasyJet, MerseyCare, WHO, and Johnson & Johnson.

With offices in the UK and Spain, DisplayNote understands the importance of communication without barriers, which is why they strive to make the most effective and user-friendly collaboration solutions available today.