haagenhoselineRealistic car fire training scenarios
Realistic training is key to any first responder’s success. HAAGEN’s Car Fire Training Prop allows instructors to provide repeatable demonstrations to provide emergency service professionals with the experience necessary to handle vehicle fires and emergencies.

The Car Fire Training Prop can be used to create passenger compartment, engine, wheel-well and boot fires at the push of a button. Run evolution after evolution, challenging firefighters to meet your training objectives. Teach car firefighting fundamentals including apparatus staging, advancing hose lines, approach and attack tactics as well as accessing the engine, passenger and boot compartments whilst staying safe.

HAAGEN’s Car Fire Training Prop is constructed of heavy-duty steel. The Car Prop works in conjunction with the HAAGEN Hoseline Training System to create repeatable fires in four burn zones. Enhance your training with a pry-able bonnet, smashable headlights, integrated vehicle smoke and sound effects.

Endless scenarios
In addition to true-to-life training, the Car Fire Prop permits the instructor to create endless scenarios to train to first responder’s specific needs and goals. The instructor’s controller provides full command of each training evolution. Choose passenger compartment, engine, wheel-well and boot fires. The intensity of the flames can be changed at any time and fires can be set to spread to multiple zones. The rugged, industrial grade hand-held wireless remote also controls optional features such as smoke and sound effects. For added safety, the controller features an E-stop button for rapid shutdown. 

Prepare your trainees for emergency situations with confidence using HAAGEN’s smart technology and rugged training tools. HAAGEN’s Car Fire Training Prop provides the most realistic and comprehensive training possible, making it easy for instructor’s to meet their training objectives.

For more information or to see the video of our Car Fire Training Prop, visit www.haagen.com.