A Hampshire firefighter who has helped raise thousands of pounds for charity has been named as one of Britain’s happiest people.

Southsea firefighter Jasper Taylor was named in the Independent on Sunday’s Top 100 Happy List 2013, which honours those who make Britain a happier place through their selfless work.

Jasper, who has worked for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service for 25 years, was recognised for his tireless fundraising for The Fire Fighters Charity.

As the Southsea charity rep, Jasper has helped the station consistently raise large amounts for The Fire Fighters Charity. One of his most successful fundraising events is the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party, which attracts 250 older people and 50 carers and has run for 31 years.

The Fire Fighters Charity, who nominated Jasper for the Happy List, said he had demonstrated “outstanding dedication and commitment to fundraising on behalf of The Fire Fighters Charity.”

Jasper’s involvement with the charity was inspired by the support he received from them when his daughter Lucy, now 25, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was young.

He said: “People suggested to me the charity might be able to help. There were certain things we requested, such as a special bed, and no sooner had we asked and it was sorted.

“That moment triggered my need to get involved. It’s a wonderful charity that was there for me when I really needed it.”

Jasper said the many hours spent in hospitals and waiting rooms with his daughter over the years has helped him develop his positive outlook.

“You do have to remain upbeat and look for the silver lining,” he said.

“I often hear people moaning about little things and I think ‘what do they have to moan about?’
“There is always someone worse off than you and I hope what I do helps ease the problems of other people and make them that bit happier.”

Jasper was also recognised for his fundraising when he picked up the Fire Fighters Charity award at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Celebrating Success ceremony in November.