Working in partnership with Hampshire County Council (HCC), Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has supported the design of a new property protection sprinkler system at Park Community School in Havant.

This Asset Protection System is a more cost effective solution than a standard life safety system and requires less regular maintenance and testing saving scarce revenue finance.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Officer John Bonney said: “We are delighted to see the investment in the future of this important community school. We hope this is the first of many Asset Protection Systems to protect buildings in our communities in an innovative and a cost effective way.

Following extensive consultation and development of an alternative specification for sprinkler systems, HFRS and HCC with the assistance of a sprinkler engineer have, together, designed an innovative, bespoke Asset Protection Sprinkler System (APS) for use in schools and other premises.

Deputy Head Teacher at Park Community School, Debra Morris said, “This is an exciting opportunity and forward thinking way of protecting this valuable community asset. It is great to work with partners who share our aspirations and values when it comes to our young people’s careers and futures.”

HFRS have been working in partnership with HCC for more than five years including using an embedded fire officer within HCC to review their building stock on a risk assessed basis. The officer, as well as checking compliance with the fire safety order 2005 assesses the requirement for the installation of sprinkler systems in high risk premises and schools.

The partnership's latest new design is part Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service work promoting and supporting CFOA's National Sprinkler Week [3-9 Feb], which also includes the following video:

We will have an interview with Assistant Chief Officer Neil Odin and a feature on Hants involvement with local businesses in forthcoming issues of FIRE Magazine (click here to subscribe).