BBQ With a heatwave set to hit the UK this week and temperatures expected to reach 32C, we're urging Londoners to take care with barbecues to prevent serious fires.

New figures show that the capital's firefighters attend two barbecue blazes every week over the summer.

Last year we attended 61 barbecue blazes, which is up on the previous year, and fire chiefs are hoping to prevent a spike in these fires during the current hot spell by asking Londoners to follow some simple safety rules. 

In May, residents in a Greenwich flat had a lucky escape when a disposable barbecue was left unattended and flames spread to decking on the balcony. Thankfully firefighters were able to put out the blaze before the fire reached the flat.

In June, firefighters were called out in the early hours after a barbecue caused a fire on a roof terrace in Paddington.

Head of Community Safety, Chris O'Connor, explains how al fresco chefs are being caught by surprise: "All too often barbecues are left unattended or placed too close to flammable items like sheds, trees or fences.

"Even small disposable barbecues can cause considerable damage if you don’t keep a close eye on them. It's really important to make sure they're completely out once you've finished with them.

"It seems crazy that we need to tell people not to use barbecues on balconies or indoors, but we clearly do. Barbecue fires can spread quickly and could not only damage your home, but could cause serious injuries or worse."