roywilsherDOGbgComputacenter has sponsored Hertfordshire's fire investigation dog for ten years. CC is one of only 17 fire dogs in the country and as well as helping to establish the cause of fires, he also acts as a deterrent to potential arsonists and helps promote fire safety.

March 7, Hertfordshire's Chief Fire Officer, Roy Wilsher, presented the Chief Executive of Computacenter, Mike Norris, with a trophy to thank the company for their ongoing support and sponsorship, which provides all the training, shelter and food for the fire dog.

Mike Norris commented: "We are committed to supporting the local community - whether it is through sponsorship or improving the sustainability of our business. CC is a brave and intelligent dog who has proved invaluable to the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service."

CC, who wears special fire boots to protect his feet, and his handler, Nikki Harvey, have been working as a team in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties since July 2007.

During that time they have worked throughout the region assisting fire investigation officers in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, London, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Clare Rafferty, Head of Corporate Events at Computacenter, commented: "Fire dogs play an important role in community safety, and we are honoured to be able to support the work of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service by funding CC's care."

CC, a five and a half year old black Labrador, has been trained to sniff out traces of ignitable liquids such as petrol, paraffin and lighter fluid, which can remain present even after the most severe fire. Fire investigation officers use the team to assist them in determining the cause and origin of fires - whether deliberate or accidental.

CC's predecessor, Browza, was Hertfordshire's first fire investigation dog and was also sponsored by Computacenter.

Chief Fire Officer, Roy Wilsher said: "We are extremely grateful to Computacenter for their generosity and ongoing support. CC and Browza have helped determine the cause of hundreds of fires over the last ten years, and in some cases the evidence they've found has helped secure prosecutions against deliberate fire setters.

"CC not only works in Hertfordshire but also supports our partners in the eastern region and further afield. The valuable work he carries out would not be possible without Computacenter's support and I was pleased to be able to show our appreciation."

Keith Emsall, Executive Member for Community Safety and Culture said: "CC attends many community events to promote fire safety and is used to help deter arsonists. Our fire investigation dog is a real asset to Hertfordshire and I look forward to the continuation of our successful partnership with Computacenter."


Posted: 10.02am, 10.03.11