Crews from Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service took part in a training exercise to simulate a rescue from height at Severn Trent Water’s facility in Stoke Bardolph last month - which saw them get to grips with climbing a 55-metre wind turbine.

The exercise held on October 16 saw firefighters from Highfields and Carlton Fire Stations taking part in the exercise, testing out two different methods of rescuing dummy casualties from the turbine.

Crew Manager Anthony Chaplain was the Incident Commander at the exercise, and said: “It was great to work together with the crews from Highfields to take part in an exercise which was something unlike anything we have ever done before.

“The turbine is a challenging environment to work in, as there is a ladder climb to the top where the dummy casualties were stuck, and once you reach the top, the environment is quite small. The casualties were trapped in the front of the turbine and the exercise was all about testing our skills in rescuing people from challenging areas.

“It is always good to be able to practice our skills in scenarios like this, and with the turbine being within Carlton’s area It was a really good way of familiarizing ourselves with local risks.

“Everyone involved had a great experience working with Severn Trent Water who were really welcoming and engaging with the exercise, and we would like to thank them for allowing us to practice our skills at their site.”