Cutter 2 5000 Series Cutters

The first two models of Holmatro’s new 5000 series cutters are lighter and more ergonomic than ever, without any concessions on performance. The most important factors in the development of these cutters were weight reduction and improved ergonomics, while maintaining an optimal cutting performance on modern cars. This has been achieved through a combination of new materials, component integration and innovative design. Being much lighter than the previous generation, the new 5000 series cutters significantly reduce the physical burden on the operator. This burden is even further reduced by one special model, the Inclined Cutter.

Inclined Cutter CU 5050 i

Cutter 3Designed for more ergonomic cutting high and low on the car, this cutter with its inclined jaw eliminates the need to lift the tool high up for a roof cut or to bend over deeply to cut the rocker panel. Working with the Inclined Cutter also means there’s more space for the tool to move towards the car when you cut a pillar from the side. And with the carrying handle going all-around, you can always use this cutter in its most favorable position, at all sides of the vehicle.

Optimal performance on modern cars

The 5th generation cutters offer an optimal cutting performance on modern vehicles. Contributing features are:
• New Car Technology blades that can surround wide pillars and automatically pull the material into the cutting recess, close to the central bolt, where it is cut at the strongest point of the tool.
• Further optimized cutting edge of the NCT blades for a longer blade life and the best possible performance on modern cars.
• Flat central i-Bolt construction that squeezes the blades together directly (no blade holder in between!) and more tightly, resulting in a better cutting performance and better access into narrow spaces.

5000 Series Spreaders

The new 5000 series Holmatro spreaders are lighter in weight without compromising spreading force and spreading distance. The five brand new spreaders significantly reduce the physical burden on the operator and have an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio. Two models are also available with Greenline battery technology for increased freedom of movement.

Extra compact and lightweight: SP 5240 CL

Cutter 4Within this new series, one model attracts most attention: the SP 5240 CL (Compact Lightweight) spreader. Weighing in at just 9.9 kg / 21.8 lb, this spreader is even more lightweight than the other, already very light, models in the new 5000 series. At the same time it offers every spreading capability you need for the extrication of a trapped victim. Like all other 5000 series cutters and spreaders, the SP 5240 CL has been tested extensively on the latest car prototypes.

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