Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has reached 1000 followers on Twitter. The service uses Twitter and Facebook to engage with local communities and spread fire safety messages, along with raising awareness of events that it is hosting and attending.

Matt Walton from the Humberside's Corporate Communication team said: "We're absolutely delighted to have got to this point. We took the decision to join Facebook and Twitter so that we could reach communities that we would struggle to engage with through traditional methods and it has been hugely successful. It makes us much more accessible to people as we're coming to them and using channels that they are comfortable with.  

"People log onto these sites every day. Facebook is the most popular website in the world, and people have access to them wherever they are by using their phone. It means we can get our important safety messages directly to people's pockets."  

Humberside has had considerable success with its involvement in the national Test it Tuesday campaign, which sees all UK Fire and Rescue Services posting messages on social networking sites to remind their friends and followers to test their smoke alarm that day.  

Matt continued: "Test it Tuesday has been a massive success and we've really embraced the campaign in Humberside. We've had lots of celebrities retweeting our messages to their followers including Sarah Beeny, Richard Madeley and Dr Christian Jessen. Our Test it Tuesday message reached over 800,000 people in one week alone."   

To keep up with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service on Twitter follow @HumbersideFire on Twitter or visit and 'like' the page.  


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