Following a spate of grass fires over the bank holiday weekend Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to take extra care when out and about during the current dry spell. Between Friday April 29, and Monday May 2, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service attended a total of 15 grass fires across the region, the largest of which was half a square kilometer in size and required five fire engines to put it out.

Humberside told FIRE: "The continuing dry spell increases the risk of grass fires as grass becomes drier and 'straw-like' allowing it to ignite much more easily. As more and more people enjoy the outdoors the potential to start a fire increases."

Pete Baron, from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: "It is great to enjoy the nice weather however people should be aware of how easily grass can set alight. A carelessly discarded cigarette or a spark from a barbeque can easily start a grass fire. The fire can quickly escalate as everything is so dry and in particular with the winds increasing the speed at which it can spread.

"I would urge people to carefully consider how they dispose of cigarettes, where they have a barbeque and not to have open fires near open grassed areas without suitable precaution. By following some simple tips you can enjoy the weather and being outside and reduce the risk of starting such a fire."


Posted: 11.02am, 03.05.2011