Hutton, in the final report of the Independent Public Services Pension Commission, has recommended introducing the normal pension age of 60 for uniformed services - police, firefighters and armed forces.

Commenting on the proposal in 2010, the FBU said: "Firefighting is a very physical profession. To suggest increasing retirement ages is an ill-thought-out idea which is not in the public interest."

The focus of the recommendation is to change the foundation for working out future pensions. It has been suggested that instead of entitlements from 'final salary', it should be worked out from 'career average earnings'. The change could mean a reduction in pensions, and a reduction in the amount the government will have to pay.

Hutton claims that the proposals will be a balance between public service workers and the taxpayer.

Dave Prentis, Unison Union, said: "Whatever the Hutton report may say about fairness, the Government will use it to raid the pensions of hard working public sector workers - pensions that our members have paid into year in year out and which are fair and affordable.
"Asking workers to work longer for less is simply not an option. We want to talk to the Government about their response as a matter of urgency."


Posted: 12.33am, 10.03.11