ifeThe IFE International President Elect, Steve Hamm, and the IFE Head Office Team have announced that by working with London Fire Brigade (LFB) the two day, 92nd AGM and 2015 International Conference will take place on Level 22 of The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG.

The Institution says that it hopes "this prestigious event and exciting venue will attract international delegates from all fire engineering networks". Find out about the draft programme here.

International President Elect Steve Hamm said: "This year’s focus on Total Fire Engineering illustrates how all fire engineering disciplines are not only interconnected but also interdependent. The distinguished range of guest speakers will highlight and discuss the global perspective, review and debate technical developments, look forward to see what the future holds and explain the key role the IFE and its Strategic Plan has as the IFE moves towards its Centenary in 2018. It is a very exciting venue and a very interesting programme."

It is important to state that because of strict security considerations at this venue delegate numbers are limited and early booking is recommended. Click here to download the booking form.

The IFE’s mission is to encourage and improve the science and practice of fire extinction, fire prevention and fire engineering and all operations and expedients connected therewith, and to give an impulse to ideas likely to be useful in connection with or in relation to such science and practice to the members of the Institution and to the community at large - http://www.ife.org.uk/IFE-Strategic-Plan.

To find out more visit our International Fire Professional news site at: http://pavilion-live.co.uk/ifp-news/