roseparkThe concept of latent failures encourages the study of contributory factors in the system that may have lain dormant for a long period of time until they finally contributed to the accident. The IFE Mid-Western Branch AGM on 9 April will look at this concept in relation to firefighter safety.

There are 4 speakers at this event, the 8th in the series of firefighter safety related seminars:
09 30: Adam Course presents: ‘Latent Failures at fire-fighter fatalities & near misses’.
10 30: Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton presents: ‘The Psychology of Incident Command’
11 30: Andy Bowers presents: ‘The New National Operational Guidance for Incident Command – What’s in Store for UKFRS?’
Lunch: @ £4.20 per person (must be booked prior to arrival)
13 30: Mark Fishlock presents: ‘High Rise Fire-fighting Tactics & Case Studies, High Rise Near Misses Staner Court and Arlington House Wind Driven Fires’
15 30: IFE Mid-Western Branch AGM

Please contact to reserve a place and book lunch. This is a free CPD certified event; you must sign in at the event on the forms provided to be eligible to receive a 5-hour CPD certificate.