Wolverhampton 180An undergraduate degree is being launched in London to help interested, driven students realise their ambition of becoming members of the Fire and Rescue Service. FIRE freelance assistant editor Philip Mason reports:

The Fire and Rescue BSc (Hons) covers everything required for a firefighting career, from how to operate safely and successfully during incidents, to the principles of fire and accident prevention – something which is becoming increasingly important in the modern Service.  

The programme is run by the University of Wolverhampton (London) and Artemis TDL who have been successfully delivering a similar Fire and Rescue course in the West Midlands for five years. It is supported by Babcock, which is providing venues for the learning sessions in the emergency services training centres in Harrow and Park Royal, where London Fire Brigade trains all its firefighters.
The course is run by experts possessing multiple years’ experience in Fire Service operational and management roles, and academics specialising in emergency service development. 

Speaking of the course, joint course leader, Mark Taylor said: “We deliberately designed the degree to give students the best possible grounding in today’s Fire and Rescue Service.

“Clearly, dealing with dangerous incidents and saving lives is still a massive part of the job, and therefore of the course. However, to be successful in their chosen career, candidates will also need to know about risk management, hazardous materials, crime scene investigation and much more.”

“We believe being a firefighter is one of the best and most exciting jobs in the world. Watching our students – who come from all backgrounds and communities – going on to forge successful careers in this field is as satisfying as anything I’ve achieved in my professional life. I think I speak for all of us when I say that.”

Most desirable careers in the UK
In a recent recruitment drive by West Midlands Fire, 5,000 people applied for 50 available firefighter positions in one week, demonstrating that firefighter is clearly one of the most desirable careers in the UK – something which is no surprise given the esteem in which the job is held by the public. That being the case however, it obviously pays to have as many advantages as possible before entering the field. 

Jonathan is among the 80% of graduates so far who, after completing the first iteration of the course in Wolverhampton, have gone on to work in the Fire and Rescue Service.

Speaking of his experience, he said: “Throughout the degree I had excellent help from staff, who were always there for discussion regarding my assignments. They also helped connect with the right people, which greatly helped me find a job.

“To succeed on this course takes 100 per cent commitment from students. But that commitment is reciprocated by the course staff at every turn.” 

Potential students are invited to a University Open Day for the course at Harrow Fire Station, 500 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA5 5RW on Saturday, 21st March from 10am until 2pm where they can discuss the joining the course, which starts in October 2015 at Harrow.

For more information contact:
University of Wolverhampton (London):
www.wlv.ac.uk/FireandRescue (0207 1128530)
Mark Taylor: Mark.Taylor2@wlv.ac.uk  (07715 301278)
Tony Prosser: A.J.Prosser@wlv.ac.uk  (07563 615651)