Heating is the second leading cause of residential fires and the second leading cause of fire deaths. Heating fires are a larger problem in family homes than in single apartments. Unlike apartments, the heating systems in single family homes are often not professionally maintained.

The following infographic shows how to maintain a safe fireplace inside your home. Northshore Fireplace draw largely on research and resources from local governments to ensure accuracy and impartiality.

It is broken into three sections:

1) Setup: Including setup of the room containing the fireplace, installation guidelines, where to install accessories, and smoke and carbon monoxide detector guidelines.

2) Making a safe fire: Visually explains the different parts of a fireplace, and the safety features of each part. Also explores what to burn, and what not to burn.

3) Maintenance: Includes information on safe disposal of ashes, and chimney and fireplace cleaning.

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fireplace infographic  

Created by Northshore Fireplace