abuseDevon & Cornwall Police and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service have launched a joint pilot project aimed at protecting victims of domestic abuse across South Devon.

Key to the project is police and fire officers working collaboratively to provide services personalised to victims targeting hidden harm and enabling the most vulnerable to feel safe in their homes .

New revised joint home safety visits in high-risk cases will include comprehensive security reviews effectively identifying, reducing and preventing repeat victimisation.

DSFRS Group Commander Keith Pascoe said: “Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Services Strategic aims include making the public safe and this project helps us focus on doing just that.

“We are delighted to work closely with Devon & Cornwall Police and all our partner agencies to respond to our communities needs and to do all we can to make them safer.”

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During visits agencies will provide victims with advice, support and prevention tools thereby minimising risk in the homes of vulnerable persons.

Devon & Cornwall Police has invested £2,000 in the pilot enabling the purchase of specialised prevention equipment.

South Devon Commander Sup Glen Mayhew added: “Multi agency working is key to tackling the complex issues associated with domestic abuse and in particular, cases that are perceived as high risk.

“This project is a victim centred method of providing a proportionate response to those victims considered to be at high risk focussing on the safety of victims and the children of victims.”

By reviewing data sharing protocols and incident referrals the project also aims to deliver improvements in how agencies identify and respond to domestic incidents.