executive fire officer programmeThe US Branch announces the availability of a one year scholarship to include course registration, travel, accommodations and meals for an international candidate to attend the United States Fire Administration/National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program.

The Executive Fire Officer Program is an initiative of the USFA/NFA designed to provide senior officers with a broad perspective on various facets of fire and emergency services administration. The EFOP curriculum and research framework examines how senior authority figures can exercise leadership when dealing with difficult, adaptive problems within their jurisdictions.

EFOP participants enhance their professional development through a unique series of four resident graduate- and upper-level college-equivalent courses, and the completion of an Applied Research Project (ARP) for each course.

The EFOP spans a 4-year period and consists of four “core” courses. Each course is 2 weeks in length.This program, available for chief fire officers, is conducted on the NFA campus for a two week period annually. The program consists of four yearly visits and advanced written papers completed back at student's home station. Additional information about the EFOP is available at www.usfa.fema.gov/nfa/efop  

The Program is especially interested in having international students attend because the exchange of information among all students is exciting and enriching to the learning objectives of each course.

The US Branch scholarship will provide for the first year's attendance in the program, and the Branch hopes the student would then continue to pursue his/her further development in the program. EFOP application procedures are outlined in the website listed above. The scholarship winner will be chosen from among the entries received. The application package must be submitted by 15 June 2014.