A special delivery by Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service and Rotary International has ensured war-torn Kosovo have sufficient firefighting equipment to keep their 27 fire stations fully operational.

CFRS's disused firefighting equipment, including breathing apparatus sets, firefighting hoses and uniforms arrived in Kosovo following a six day journey across Europe.

On handing over the equipment to the Kosovan deputy minister of the interior, Ismet Ibishi, Rotary's Overseas Project Team coordinator Barry Kressinger said: "The redundant equipment will be of fantastic value to other users in growing countries abroad.

"The team took three hours to load the vehicle with the help of many Rotarians and a serving fire officer from Liskeard. It was an extremely rewarding day and one that has all of us smiling with a terrific sense of achievement, and knowing in the future all this equipment will be in use within weeks and will be saving lives in the future."

With Kosovo only having received been internationally recognised as a country since 2008 following a lengthy war of independence with Serbia, Cornwall's community safety lead Cllr Lance Kennedy acknowledged the importance of the delivery.

"As ever, I am pleased that we are able to help our colleagues in the wider fire service community and that they can benefit from our redundant equipment," he said.

"While we are able to invest in new technologies and updated equipment, this is not the same experience for many countries where fire and rescue services are developing."

Posted 28/09/2012 by richard.hook@pavpub.com